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We help busy women look great and feel stronger without spending hours working out or following strict diets. Join our SMALL GROUP TRAINING and get personalized attention from your coach to reach your goals faster, avoid injuries and enjoy your life.


As a mom of 2, a personal trainer and a gym owner my days are super busy. From training clients early in the morning to preparing supper to picking up the kids from school I barely have time for myself. When you become a mom it is easy to put every one first and forget about yourself. In the long run it affect your mental and physical health. I understand this struggle that is why for the past 6 years I've been helping women get Fit & Healthy without spending hours working out or following strict diets.

My Mission is to help MOMS regain strength, confidence, energy and love for their bodies through fitness with a personalized approach. I believe that all women are STRONG and deserve to have a healthy lifestyle that they ENJOY while working on their goals!


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Shauna U

Thess you’ve been really killing it with the workouts! I’m always drenched in sweat after!! Keep em coming, I’m loving them and getting stronger every day!!

New Mom

"I joined Thess' gym when I was two months post-partum in February 2020 and even with a small baby and being completely sleep deprived, it was the first time in my life that I actually enjoyed and looked forward to going to the gym.

New Mom

Sara D

Tamara P

Busy Mom

The workouts can be modified according to your level, so it’s perfect for beginners to experts. Classes are small, so instructors are able to correct postures , and make sure everyone is maximizing their workouts .

2-Ways To Hit Your Goals!

Your Mini Tribe

You & Me

You are new to exercises or you've been working out on your own and not seeing results ? You want 100% attention from a personal trainer to examine your goals, help you stay motivated,teach you proper form and push you a little harder.


I created the SMALL GROUP TRAINING program to provide a better service with more attention and flexibility for my clients. It’s a service that combines training, nutrition and lifestyle coachingto become FIT, HEALTHY and HAPPY. All you have to do is show up to your session and we take care of the rest. Don't forget to have FUN in the process : D

You love to workout alongside like minded women for motivation and support but you don't want to be lost in a crowd. You want personalized attention to reach your goals and avoid injuries. Join our small in person group training in Montreal NDG.

Our Method




We are a results driven program that offers a variety of Strength and conditioning workout to make your body stronger ( core, arms, legs, glutes...) and boost your metabolism so you can burn calories for hours after your workout session.

All successes first begin the mind and it is only through repetition and belief that they become reality. Our minds are the most powerful thing we have; and if we can only learn how to reel in its power and maintain clear and purposeful focus, we can accomplish AMAZING things.

Rather than feeling deprived by following strict diets or overwhelmed by all the information out there we want our members to feel in control and at ease when it comes to building healthy habits. So they can have a sustainable lifestyle and feel good in the process.



Monday to Friday: 6:15am, 8:15am, 9:15am, 12:15pm

Monday To Thursday: 6:30pm

Saturday 8am & 9:30am


All 45 min sessions

Monday: STRONG - Full Body

Tuesday: SWEAT - High Intensity Interval Training 

Wednesday: STRONG - Lower Body 

Thursday: SWEAT - High Intensity Interval Training 

Friday: STRONG - Full Body 

Saturday: Week-End Warriors 60min ( STRONG & SWEAT)


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Milva feels stronger than ever at 55!

Tracy was bouncing from gym to gym.

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Anne-Gael was looking for motivation

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